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Organise your trip to Ethiopia for a fair price DIRECTLY with a Belgian who is living there for more than 20 years.

Our local agency Flamingos Tours organizes all trips to Ethiopia.

Discover an incredible country, meet people with a different culture, discover a nature with beautiful landscapes and birds. This is Ethiopia.


Langages: English, French, German, Dutch


About us


Flamingo Tours Ethiopia is run by a Belgian, Jan Jackers, living since more than 20 years in Ethiopia. During this time, he builded with the Ethiopians the Babogaya lake Viewpoint Lodge in Debre Zeit and the 10'000 Flamingos Lodge in Abijata-Shalla Lakes National Park. All these years, he visited several times all the corners of the country.

Being a birdwatcher, he knows where to find the birds in Ethiopia. His two lodges are a bird paradise.

Our offer

Children in Ethiopia
Woman in Ethiopia
Birds in Ethiopia

Birds Tour

We cover all areas of Ethiopia for Birdwatching, from the Classical Endemic Tour to more remote areas like Gambella or Churchura National Park.

South Ethiopia

Visit the south as nowhere else... Do you want to live in a Hammer village? To visit the Borana people near a crater hole of 250m deep with a salt lake?

Wolf in Ethiopia

Nature Tours

In the Ethiopian National Parks you can see animals like the  Ethiopian Wolf, Gelada Baboon,Balé Monkeys, Elephants, Lions,  giant forest Hog, ...."

Personalized offer

Let's organize together the trip that suits you. Duration, comfort, centers of interest, so many elements that will make your trip unique.