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Everyone is different. Together we will organize a trip that suits you.

We can make some propositions, give you information and facilitate your travel with our people, lodges, cars, tents and whatever.

What are your main interests? Staying in a big hotel or overnight in a tent? Rather visits to historical sites or trekking? Strolling through the markets or bird watching? After discussion, we will suggest an itinerary accordingly. In any case, we will show you a thousand little things about Ethiopian life, not referenced in the guides.


Visit to the tribes in the South or the religious history in the North,  the lowest point on earth in the Danakil desert, an ornithological journey or professional photography, everything is possible!


For people looking specificatly for birdwatching, we have a website dedicated to this theme: https://www.birdwatchingethiopia.com/


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