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Some more infos

We all have a wrong image of Ethiopia.

No other country in the world has been better in showing poverty, drought and starving children in the last 40 years. Poverty is still there but has been greatly reduced. Every traveler goes home saying, "I had a totally wrong view of Ethiopia."


Ethiopia is also very rich! The best coffee comes from Ethiopia. Ethiopia has 92 languages ​​and as many cultures. Ethiopia goes from 152 meters below sea level to 4533 meters above sea level, so many different climates and biodiversity.

Is there any other country in the world that resembles Ethiopia?


Every society can learn from a different society. That's what makes traveling so fascinating. Traveling in Ethiopia will question your own way of living and thinking. Did you know Christian Orthodox and Muslims live together peacefully here.  You will also notice how a simple life can go hand in hand with being happy. Discover a country, meet people, discover nature, participate in a different culture, see beautiful trees, beautiful landscapes. This is travel. You also discover a country by talking about the great progress that Ethiopia has made in recent decades, about the challenges for the future.


Every year 2 million Ethiopians are added! Ethiopia is a safe country to travel. You can walk around without any fear. Physical violence is not part of Ethiopian culture. As a traveler you are a curiosity to them. Hundreds of times you hear children innocently shout YOU YOU YOU.

Arrival and Ethiopian airlines

Ethiopian airline is flying from all the big cities around the world. An international fight with them allows you to get an important discount on internal flights, so consider it for your trip. e-visa is possible, also visa on arrival for many countries (easy process).

We can organise a pick-up 24h/24h at the airport (about 35$) and 90 minutes later you relax at the Babogaya lake at our Viewpoint Lodge! A very nice way to start your travel.